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Alight Motion Effects Pack is an advanced and creative tool for designers. It can assist you in creating an impressive visual impact on your videos. It’s easy to apply light motion effects. Drag and drop the alight effect onto your photos or video footage after which you can adjust parameters like speed as well as color and speed settings to achieve the best results. This blog post will demonstrate how motion effects like alight work step-by-step, with examples as well as demo project files.

This article will help you understand how to use the effect of lighting to create stunning light trails. In addition, for more details go to the site to learn more about how to avoid Watermarks. Recently, there has been an update to prevent watermarks from appearing in films and photos.

Alight effects are available under the Effects panel’s Motion Transitions section. You can also add alight effects by dragging them into your film and then altering the effects’ settings as required. The color, speed direction, and other parameters of impact can be altered. 

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Alight Motion PC

Alight Motion IOS

Alight Motion effects with light can be used to create a vast array of stunning visual effects, such as glowing logos or text, and many more. The only limit is your imagination. This article will teach you how to apply the light motion effect to create an amazing light trail. A new update is available to the Alight Motion app with no watermarks will appear on your videos and photos to learn more, visit below Alight motion Pro Apk, without watermark.

Start Premiere Pro and import your photos or video to start. Light motion effects are available within the Effects panel in the video Transitions category. Drag and drop alight effects onto your video, and then alter the properties of the effect depending on the requirements.

Alight Motion Video Effects Download

When you have dropped and dragged light motion effects into your project, you are able to utilize your Effect Controls Panel to display or hide the effect’s envelope. An easy way to make an image that glows is by employing an alpha channel to create an effective mask. Our logo has been placed over some solid black footage in this instance.

Masks can be made by selecting your logo video and then clicking the Mask button in the Properties panel. Click on Alpha Channel from the Type drop-down menu on the Mask Properties window.

When you replay your project, you’ll be able to see that just the logo components are affected by light motion effects.

To alter the hue on which the trail of light appears, click twice on the alight effect on your timeline. Select one of the colors in the Color palette on the Effect Controls panel. The brightness, contrast and other settings can be altered. Here are a few examples:

Light trails aren’t just fantastic when combined with logos, text, or other text. These can be utilized to create amazing effects of light trails in your videos. We’ll show the steps to make beautiful light trail animation with an alight motion effect in this example.

Download Top 30 Alight MotionShake Effect

How to create & Use the Alight motion effect

To make use of alight motion presets, you must have an alight-motion app that is downloaded on your phone. Therefore, before you import any preset, you must ensure that you have the alight motion app installed on your phone. If you don’t have the app and are still trying to import it, it will redirect automatically to the play store for installation.

Alight Motion Shake Effect Present Links

The Alight Motion Shake Effect is a professional and cutting-edge tool for designers that can assist you in creating a dramatic visual impact on your videos. It’s simple to use to apply the Alight Motion Shake Effect. Drag and drop the effect onto your videos or images after which you can adjust parameters like speed or color as well as other parameters to create the perfect result. The effect can be used to create vibrant lights trails and text animations, that will be the main focus of your video. Go to Download and download all the effects for free.

Create animated and dynamic images using your Alight Motion Shake Effect. There are no limits! light motion shakes effect Download right here . Check this video on Alight Motion Shakes effects.

Alight Motion Presets:

After Effects has alight motion presets that we will examine during this piece. We will explore the purpose of each setting and how to utilize them.

The motion presets for alight can be a fantastic method to add motion to your logo or text. These can be utilized to make simple animations or more intricate motions. There are four pre-sets in total: You are able to download Alight Motion Pc.

  1. Rolling Waves
  2. Shimmering Lines
  3. Floating Clouds
  4. Spiraling Swirls

How to use Alight Motion Presets

There are numerous resources online, and you can import directly from there. We also offer some helpful presets to help you create your own status video by using your images. Download 30+ Alight Motion Presets.

What does each preset is and how do you utilize them?

1.) Rolling Waves The preset for rolling waves consists of wavy lines that go up and down, as it rotates at an angle. This preset is perfect to create a lively background.

To utilize the preset rolling waves:

  • Include your logo or text.
  • Click on Effect > Alight > Rolling waves (choose any of the pre-sets)
  • Another method to apply this preset is to make an element of the animation first before using it to create an effect. For example, you can create the Wavy Line Animation first. Use this preset to create an effect to your logo or text by using the method above.

2.) Shining Lines: – The shimmering lines pre-set consist of straight lines that are able to move upwards and downwards in a diagonal direction. This is an excellent preset to create movement in the background.

To apply the shimmering lines preset

  • Add your own text or logo.
  • Click on Effect > Alight and then Shining Lines (choose one of the available presets)
  • Another method to utilize this preset is to create parts of the animation initially and then use the effect. For instance, you could create your diagonal line first. Apply this as an effect to your logo/text by using the method above.

3) 3D Floating Clouds: The floating clouds preset is comprised of circles that move upwards and downwards in a random fashion. This is an excellent preset to create a funky feeling.

To make use of the floating clouds preset:

  • Add your own text or logo.
  • Select Effect > Light > The floating Clouds (choose from the pre-sets)
  • Another approach to using this preset is to make parts of the animation initially and then use it to create an effect. For instance, create a circular path first. Apply this effect to your logo/text by using the method above.

4.) Spiraling swirls: The preset of spiraling swirls is comprised of a set of rings that move in a spiral. This preset is perfect to create movement in your background or for enhancing your logo.

To make use of the preset spiraling swirls:

  • Add your own text or logo.
  • Select Effect > Light > Spiraling Swirls (choose any of the options)
  • Another approach to using this preset is to create an element of the animation first and then make it an effect. For instance, you can create a circular path first. Apply this preset to create an effect on your logo/text by using the method above.
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If you are facing any type of error during Editing, check out my blog post on how to fix light motion mod apk issues.

Project Features

  • Set of pre-sets to help with transitions
  • There are color-grading presets to choose from
  • There are presets available for each effect.

Where to Download Alight Motion Presets

You can immediately import images from the many sources which are free to access online and are accessible via the internet. We at Aveebaba offer useful presets to aid you in creating your own status films with the photos you upload to the website. You can take advantage of more than 30 distinct presets of Alight Motion.

How Create & Use Alight Motion Presets

To use the alight motion presets available on your phone, first, you must install and download the alight motion app. Before you can import any presets, you’ll have to ensure that you have the Alight Motion app is installed on your phone. If you do not have the program you’d like to import even if you try to import it will be sent by the system information to Google Play Store.


How can you add effects when moving alight?

Effects can be added to motion presets with alight effect by clicking on the effects tab and then adding it from there.

What effects are present within Alight Motion?

A total of 40 effects are now available in Alight Motion 2.0 This brings the number of effects available to over 100 (101 to be precise however, no one is counting?) Animation of individual letters in the Text layer has become feasible because of the recently added Text Transform effect.

How can I animate text?

To create animations for text, you must arrange your layers in the first place. Select the Layer menu, New Layers > Group With Current Layers, then put the text in the group, and then proceed through Animation> > Add Motion Presets. After you have applied, click Apply. done.

How can create my content appear in 3D?

With the addition of a bevel and emboss effect, you are able to make your text appear 3D. Go to Layer > New > Effect > Stylize > Bevel & Emboss. Alter levels of depth, elevation and other settings until you get the desired look.

Can I apply these presets to videos?

The alight motion presets can be used only on logos and text. How do I export my Animation?

Select File > Export and then Render Video in order to save your Animation. Select the settings you prefer and click render.

What program will I require to utilize this preset?

You’ll need Adobe After Effects to use the motion presets alight. If you don’t own it, the software can be downloaded as a no-cost trial on Adobe’s website.

Is it possible to download alight motion for Android?

Yes, you can download alight motion for iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Can I use the pre-sets within Adobe After Effects?

Yes, you can add any or all of the effects we have created into Adobe After Effects by selecting the File menu and then Open. Choose the one you would like to use, then click OK.

Which are settings saved?

Within your alight motion installation directory, The presets are stored in the presets–ffx directory. It could be C: Program FilesMettleAlight Movement Presets on Windows. On Mac, they will be inside AlightMotionPresets after dropping into Library/Application Support/Mettle/AlightMotionPresets.

Can you get Alight Motion on PC?

Officially, you can’t get Alight Motion Pro on a PC. However, you can utilize Alight Motion on a computer by following these steps. First, you’ll require an Android emulator to run this application on your computer. After downloading the nayemulaort emulator like Bluestack it is possible to open Bluestack on a computer and then drag the apk file onto your PC. You can then install it on this page in a matter of minutes.

What are the effects included in Alight Motion?

In an alight motion, you can look at hundreds of effects to use in your videos.

Do you prefer Light Motion as well as After Effects more effective?

After Effects is a far more powerful alternative to Alight Motion. It’s much more efficient than its competitors and is considered to be the standard in motion graphics. Additionally, it comes with the cost of Alight Motion, which is a bit more expensive and isn’t nearly the compatible with Final Cut Pro as Alight Motion is.


Finally, Alight Motion effects are among the only professional motion graphics programs that provide stunning animations in high-quality and attractive effects. Also, you can make excellent video productions by altering the graphics across multiple layers. The latest update has made it so that watermarks don’t be visible in your photos or videos.

A simple and easy method to design an image is to make use of an alpha channel, or a mask to create an Effect. It is possible to create the show by choosing the logo movie and then clicking Mask.

Additionally, you can download this motion effects pack Alight app is well-known Try downloading it and making use of it.


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